Must-Have Golf Gear for Walking Myrtle Beach’s Fairways

Living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, doesn’t only mean having the privilege to enjoy the stunning sea view every day; it also means having the opportunity to play on over 100 beautifully curated golf courses. If you choose walking golf, as many do to enjoy the subtropical weather conditions and meticulously manicured scenery, your gear becomes as significant as your swing.

The Importance of the Right Golf Gear

We walk approximately five miles in an 18-hole round of golf. Now, multiply this by the humidity and heat (especially in the Myrtle Beach summer), and you have a physically demanding setup. The significance of having the right gear in your golf bag then becomes crucial for both your comfort and performance on the fairway.

Golf Shoes

The right golf shoes can make all the difference. Good golf shoes provide comfort, stability, and a strong foundation for your swing. Brands like FootJoy, Adidas, and ECCO, offer exceptional golf shoes that are not only waterproof but come with a web-shaped outsole to increase traction without compromising on weight.

Golf Bag

Possibly the most critical gear for the golf-walking enthusiast is the carry bag. Brands like Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist have perfected the blend of lightweight and durability, critical for walking the course. A bag with double straps would equally distribute the weight across your shoulders, reducing fatigue.

Golf Balls

Do you often find yourself losing golf balls in the dense foliage that edges the fairways of Myrtle Beach’s golf courses? It’s a pivotal investment that can affect your score and your wallet. It won’t hurt to give high-visibility golf balls a chance. Brands such as Volvik and Callaway offer golf balls in various colors that are easy to track in the air and locate in the ruff or woods.


Hydration cannot be neglected in a hot, humid environment like Myrtle Beach. A vacuum-sealed, insulated water bottle is a must have. YETI, Hydro Flask, and CamelBak offer bottles that can keep water cool for up to 24 hours.

The Inevitable Rain Jacket

Despite Myrtle Beach’s warm weather, there can be surprise showers. A good quality golf rain jacket is compact, lightweight, and most importantly, waterproof. Your swing won’t feel restrained thanks to brands like Under Armour, Adidas, and FootJoy, which offer breathable, flexible but protection-assuring options.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen should also be part of your golf gear. Dermatologists recommend at least SPF 30, which needs to be reapplied every two hours. Also, do not forget a golf hat. Brands like Callaway and TaylorMade offer hats with built-in ultraviolet protection.

Golf Clubs

Last but definitely not least, invest in a set of quality golf clubs. For intermediate golfers, TaylorMade’s Sim Max are perfect. They are built to offer forgiveness and distance. Experienced players might lean towards the Titleist T300s. For novices, the Callaway Strata set could be a great starting point.


Myrtle Beach’s golf experience is more than just about the golf itself. It’s about the walk on perfectly manicured fairways, the ocean breeze, and shimmering ponds. Having the right gear ensures that you enjoy every moment on the fairway while keeping up on your game. So get a grip on the right gear and swing away!

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