Upgrade Your Equipment with Custom Golf Club Fitting in Myrtle Beach

As a golf enthusiast and Myrtle Beach local, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the transformative world of custom golf club fitting. Ranked among America’s top golf destinations, Myrtle Beach offers more than just beautiful courses and pleasant weather—it is home to some of the best golf club fitting facilities you’ll find anywhere.

The Rise of Custom Club Fitting

Gone are the days when golf enthusiasts were compelled to adapt to their equipment. Today, technology has enabled precision and personalization in golf like never before. This is where custom golf club fitting comes into play. The process involves a systematic methodology where each club is tailored to meet the specific golfer’s swing dynamics, thereby augmenting their performance significantly.

Predicting swing shots, calculating swing speeds, and measuring launch angles used to be guesswork once upon a time. But the new-age digital technology involving Doppler radar systems, such as TrackMan and FlightScope, have revolutionized the game. This technical intervention, combined with custom club fitting, maximizes accuracy, distance, and consistency.

Top Custom Golf Club Fitting Facilities in Myrtle Beach

Whether you’re an amateur looking to improve your game, or an expert golfer seeking that competitive edge, a golf trip to Myrtle Beach isn’t complete without considering a custom club fitting. Let’s explore some of the top facilities available:

1. True Spec Golf
True Spec Golf in Myrtle Beach offers a premium brand-agnostic club fitting service, meaning they stock all leading brands, allowing you to select the best equipment regardless of the manufacturer. They utilize state-of-the-art technology like TrackMan radars along with a sophisticated fitting matrix that offers over 30,000 possible clubhead and shaft combinations.

2. GolfTec
GolfTec is a renowned name in the golfing industry and offers personalized club fitting services. Their approach incorporates swing characteristics to determine the specifications of the golf clubs. They analyze each player’s clubhead speed, backspin, and more using their TECFIT technology.

3. PGA Tour Superstore
The PGA Tour Superstore is yet another destination for golfers seeking expert custom fitting. Their experienced and certified fitters use launch monitors to balance different elements – length, loft, type of shaft, etc., to customize the clubs to your swing.

Benefits of Custom Club Fitting

A professionally executed custom golf club fitting offers numerous benefits that can dramatically improve your golfing experience:

Improved Accuracy: The correct length and lie angle of your clubs are crucial for deliverance. A custom fitting can correct flaws in your shot due to ill-fitted equipment.

Maximized Distance: The correct shaft flex and type, head design, and loft are key drivers of distance. Custom-fitted clubs, with their optimal specifications, can add significant extra yards to your swing.

Increased Consistency: A well-fitted set of golf clubs aids in the repetition of good swings, leading to more consistent results.

Better Score: Ultimately, with improved accuracy, distance, and consistency, you’ll see a positive impact on your overall score.


Custom golf club fitting is a game-changer, an experience designed to elevate your golfing prowess. If you find yourself in Myrtle Beach, this golfing paradise, make sure you seize the opportunity to explore this revolutionary service. After all, the game of golf should be tailored to the golfer, not the other way around.

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