Exploring Myrtle Beach’s Iconic Golf Course Clubhouses

From the miles of scenic coastline, sun-drenched beaches, cherry tree blossoms, to the high tides of Atlantic, Myrtle Beach is an icon in golf landscape. But regular visitors agree, the allure of this golf capital also lies in its remarkable golf course clubhouses. These architectural marvels are a synthesis of tradition, luxury, and sophistication, perfectly complimenting the stunning golf course vistas. Let’s take a closer look, exploring some of the most iconic golf course clubhouses in the area.

Grande Dunes Resort Club

Grande Dunes Resort Club, situated majestically on a high bluff overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, embodies the epitome of grandeur. This 27,000 square foot clubhouse is adorned with Mediterranean-style architecture and features an expansive dining room, an outdoor veranda, a pro shop, and locker rooms. Over the years, this clubhouse has become a focal point for social activity, attracting golfers and non-golfers alike with its welcoming ambiance and stunning course views.

Pine Lakes Country Club

No discussion is complete without mentioning the legendary Pine Lakes Country Club, often referred to as the “Granddaddy” of Myrtle Beach golf. This historic clubhouse, designed in classic style, represents a blend of tradition and Southern elegance. Its extensive renovations in 2009 accentuated its charisma while adding modern conveniences. The clubhouse is famed for its pub, with walls adorned with historical photos, presenting an exquisite blend of past and present.

Barefoot Resort and Golf

Barefoot Resort and Golf is adored for its four distinct clubhouses, each complementing its associated course. The Dye Club features a Southern plantation-style clubhouse overlooking some of the toughest holes on the course. The Norman, Love, and Fazio clubhouses offer distinct amenities from on-site golf schools to full-service pro shops and restaurants. These clubhouses define casual elegance, creating a tranquil retreat after a challenging round of golf.

Tidewater Golf Club

Known for its scenic natural landscape, Tidewater Golf Club is a seaside gem. The clubhouse reveals rustic decor and offers an outstanding panoramic view. Located at the confluence of Cherry Grove and the Intracoastal Waterway, this postcard-perfect setting adds to the clubhouse’s allure. With a full-service pro shop and a grill-style dining room, the clubhouse epitomizes classic charm combined with modern amenities.

Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

Nickname “the Augusta of the South,” Caledonia Golf & Fish Club is renowned for its antebellum-style clubhouse. A gravel path leading to the establishment, along with the towering live oak trees, sets the tone of old Southern charm. The clubhouse overlooks undulating fairways and pristine greens, offering breathtaking views to visitors while they enjoy Southern cuisines at the acclaimed on-site restaurant.

TPC Myrtle Beach

Home of the Senior PGA tour, the TPC Myrtle Beach has a clubhouse that exemplifies prestige. It’s decked with photos and memorabilia of golf legends, giving visitors a sense of golf’s rich history. The large Southern-style veranda offers spectacular views of the 18th hole, and the clubhouse also accommodates a Sibella’s restaurant, touted for its delicious cuisine.

The Dunes Club

Another Myrtle Beach classic, The Dunes Golf & Beach Club, basks in historic glory ever since it hosted the PGA Professional National Championship in 2014. Its clubhouse is tastefully decorated to provide a warm, inviting ambiance to golfers and tourists. With expansive event spaces, a pro shop, and an award-winning ocean view restaurant, this clubhouse maintains a timeless appeal.

The golf course clubhouses in Myrtle Beach are more than just buildings; they’re a testament to the rich golf heritage of the region. Each embodies a unique charm, telling a tale of Myrtle Beach steeped in tradition and luxury. Whether it’s the architectural grandeur of the Grande Dunes Resort Club, the historical significance of Pine Lakes, or the picturesque setting of Tidewater, these clubhouses add a magnificent layer to the Myrtle Beach golfing experience. They serve as inviting gateways into the world-renowned golf scene of the region, ensuring every visit to Myrtle Beach leaves a lasting impression.

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