Pro Interview: Learning from the Best at Myrtle Beach National

For the passionate golfer, Myrtle Beach, often called the ‘Golf Capital of the World,’ is a veritable paradise. With over 100 courses to its credit, this sunny city in South Carolina consistently delivers the golfing experience of a lifetime. Myrtle Beach National, with its impressive greens and fairways masterfully crafted by Arnold Palmer, is a jewel in this shimmering crown.

Impressions of Myrtle Beach National

On approaching Myrtle Beach National, one is immediately struck by the sweeping canvas of green, interspersed with stunning water bodies. This picturesque setting belies a challenging design aimed at golfers of varying skill levels. The 27-hole complex, consisting of the King’s North, South Creek, and West courses, each boasts its unique architectural brilliance, providing a fulfilling golfing experience.

King’s North is perhaps the best-known course at Myrtle Beach National. The Arnold Palmer-esque design elements such as ‘The Gambler,’ a picturesque par-5 hole that rewards the bold and punishes the conservative, testify to the daring genius of the golf icon.

Interview with Club Pro

Adding to the charm of Myrtle Beach National is their friendly, helpful club pro. I had the chance to sit down and chat with Jeff about what makes Myrtle Beach National exceptional.

Jeff attributes the course’s appeal primarily to its immaculate conditioning and challenging design, regardless of the golfing season. “Our greens roll true throughout the year, while the holes offer varying difficulty levels that challenge both the club champion and the weekend golfer,” he quips.

Mastering Kings North

Asked about mastering King’s North, Jeff advises getting acquainted with each hole’s intricacy, suggesting that it isn’t a course one can master instantly. He particularly mentions the 6th hole, ‘The Gambler.’ With its island fairway offering a challenging pathway to eagle the hole, it is a gut check for bold players.

Jeff also speaks highly about 18th hole, a spectacular par-4 finish with fairways knifed by a serpentine water body. “It demands precision and intelligent planning, setting it apart as an Arnold Palmer classic,” Jeff says.

Upcoming Events and Tournaments

Myrtle Beach National hosts regular tournaments providing locals and visitors an excellent opportunity to test their skills in a competitive environment. Jeff tells us excitedly about the upcoming ‘Palmer Classic,’ an annual event that draws golfers from around the globe.

This competition is unique because it allows golfers of all abilities to engage and compete on equal footing. Jeff explains, “The Palmer Classic is about celebrating golf and honoring the legacy of Arnold Palmer. It’s the camaraderie and sportsmanship that take center stage here.”

Lessons and Improvement

Catering to the improving golfer, Myrtle Beach National offers golf lessons with skilled professionals. Jeff is particularly proud of their junior development program, assisting youngsters to improve their game while installing the values of discipline and sportsmanship.

Final Thoughts

As our talk wraps up, Jeff leaves us with an insightful thought, “Golf is about the experience. It’s about the friendships you make, the challenges you face, and the satisfaction you get through playing a good game. At Myrtle Beach National, we focus on making each golfer’s experience memorable.”

Indeed, whether it’s hitting a birdie on the daunting ‘Gambler,’ experiencing the thrill of competition in the Palmer Classic, or taking your first swing under professional guidance, Myrtle Beach National delivers an exceptional quality golf experience. As Jeff suggests, it’s a place that encapsulates the fun, challenge, and camaraderie intrinsic to golf.

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  1. TeeOffTony

    Been to Myrtle Beach National a couple of times, can’t deny the greens are always in great shape. ‘The Gambler’ hole has humbled me more than a couple of times, looking forward to staring it down again!

  2. GolfLover96

    Wow, Myrtle Beach sounds like a golfer’s paradise. I’ve never been there, but this blog makes me want to pack my bags and head on over. My question is, how would a weekend golfer fare in this Palmer Classic? It sounds exciting, but surely it must be packed with pros?

  3. i6z62

    As an SC local who’s played Myrtle Beach National more times than I can count, this really captures the experience. Also, if you’re ever up for a real challenge, try ‘The Gambler’ on a windy day. It’s the stuff broken dreams are made of haha.

  4. Chip_in_Chuck

    I’ve golfed all around the world, but something keeps bringing me back to Myrtle Beach National. Maybe it’s the fear of ‘The Gambler’, or just the well-touched Palmer design. Miss Arnie!

    1. Team

      True that, Chip_in_Chuck! ‘The Gambler’ certainly does keep you on your toes. And the Palmer design indeed creates some incredible moments on the course.

  5. SusanSpiel

    Ah, the ‘Golf Capital of the World.’ Looking forward to my trip next month. King’s North is already giving me goosebumps!

    1. EagleEyeErica22

      Hey SusanSpiel! The excitement is real! Don’t forget to share your impressions of King’s North once you’ve had a chance to play it. Safe travels!

  6. John_the_Golfer

    Sounds like the Palmer Classic is a fantastic event! Anyone know how to register for it?

    1. TeeoffTom

      Absolutely, John_the_Golfer! I hear the registrations open up a few months before the event on the Myrtle Beach National’s official website. Keep an eye on their upcoming events section.

  7. First_Tee_Frank

    I had my first lesson at Myrtle. They truly have a top-notch junior development program. Just a tip for new golf parents, invest in a good set of clubs for your kids. It makes a huge difference.

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