Signature Holes: Unforgettable Golf Experiences in Myrtle Beach

On the eastern seaboard of South Carolina, flanked by the Atlantic Ocean’s turquoise waters, Myrtle Beach hosts some of the most picturesque, captivating, and challenging golf courses in the world. Known as the ‘Golf Capital of the World,’ Myrtle Beach offers an array of golf experiences worth exploring, with over 100 courses designed by legends and globetrotting architects. The city’s unique golfing landscape caters to golfers across all skill levels, but its signature holes are indeed the icing on its lush green cake.

The Majesty of Myrtle Beach National’s King North 6

Dubbed ‘The Gambler,’ the King North’s 6th hole lovingly mirrors the maverick spirit of its creator, Arnold Palmer. An island fairway sets up the strategic dare—either settle for the safety on the right or gamble with The Gambler’s namesake route left. The reward? A tempting eagle chance. But beware, Greg Norman famously scored a 12 on this par-5.

Unravel Mystique at Caledonia’s N. 18

Closing holes seldom get better than the Caledonia Golf and Fish Club’s 18th. Par-4, 383 yards of Lowcountry charm are about more than scoring—it’s a spectacle to savor, a challenge to embrace. An antebellum-style clubhouse overlooks the angled green, embanked by live oaks and floral grandeur, making each swing a brushstroke onto a master’s canvas.

Challenge the Masterpiece of The Dunes Golf and Beach Club

Robert Trent Jones designed over 500 courses worldwide, but the 13th hole of the Dunes Club, famously known as ‘Waterloo’, remains his proudest creation. An audacious dog-leg right around Lake Singleton, it dares golfers to cut the corner for an easy birdie, but the risk often outweighs the reward. The iconic hole recounts the tale of triumph over adversity for many players, leaving an indelible mark on their Myrtle Beach golfing experience.

Bravery over Prudence at Barefoot’s ‘Hell’s Half Acre’

Residing on the Barefoot Resort’s Dye Course, the complex, semi-blind Par 4, 4th hole—appropriately named ‘Hell’s Half Acre’—personifies the exacting design aesthetics of Pete Dye. The winding fairway’s green, atop a mound, embodies the thrills, spills, and tactical maneuvering that the golf course architect is renowned for.

The Grandeur of TPC Myrtle Beach’s Par 3, 17th Hole

A glorious showcase of the best elements of golf course design, the TPC Myrtle Beach’s 17th hole is a crowd-pleaser. Its peninsula-like green, surrounded by water, is reachable at a challenging 193 yards from the championship tees. The green is flanked on three sides by water and demands precision, posing a challenge for even the most seasoned players. Notable duel of Dustin Johnson and Tom Watson transpired here, leaving us with the timeless quote that “Nobody wins a golf tournament on the first day, but somebody definitely loses it.”

The signature holes of Myrtle Beach’s impressive golf landscape capture the imagination, push skills to the limit, and enrich the emerald tapestry of global golf. Each hole’s design narratives, intriguing challenges, and flourishing landscapes offer an unforgettable golfing experience. So the next time you plan your golfing vacation, consider Myrtle Beach—where every hole is an adventure and every stroke, a story.

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  1. EagleEye

    I love the way you describe each hole. Pretty accurate. Caledonia’s N. 18 does have a mystique feeling to it, especially with that beautiful clubhouse in the backdrop.

  2. HoleInOneDave

    Can’t agree more about Myrtle Beach’s golf courses. I’ve played ‘The Gambler’, definitely felt the Arnold Palmer vibe there. As they say, no risk, no reward!

  3. GolfProGreg

    I’ve always considered Waterloo in Dunes to be the most complex hole, particularly due to its layout around Lake Singleton. Worth the challenge though. Myrtle Beach truly is a golfing paradise.

  4. GolferGal

    Myrtle Beach stands out for its unique mix of scenic beauty and stimulating challenges. On my list for the next golfing trip!

  5. LuckySwing213

    TPC Myrtle Beach’s 17th hole is the real test of nerves and skill. Can’t forget when I made that nearly impossible shot. Sweet memories!

  6. SandyAlbatross

    Anyone else feel like ‘Hell’s Half Acre’ is the most aptly named hole ever? Gave me a tough time on my visit last year but the experience was unforgettable.

  7. RelaxedRetiree

    As a casual golfer who loves beautiful views more than challenges, I simply revel in the grandeur of these courses. Each shot is like painting a stroke on nature’s canvas.

  8. gje93

    Anyone else up for a Myrtle Beach golf trip this fall? Need a few more to complete the team for the diverse rounds!

  9. 18thHoleHero

    That quote about the first day of a golf tournament is pure gold. Adding it to my collection of favorite golf quotes.

  10. BirdieMaster

    Hah, Greg Norman’s 12 on ‘The Gambler’ always gets me. Confidence is good but too much can get you in trouble! No offense, Normie.

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