The Unique Layout of Crow Creek Golf Club

##### The Jewel of the Calabash Golf Courses: Crow Creek Golf Club

Nestled in the quaint city of Calabash, North Carolina, just a short drive north from the bustling beaches and pristine parks of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, lies an undiscovered gem of a golf course named Crow Creek Golf Club. As a local and a lover of golf, I can attest firsthand to the exhibition of sheer mastery in design and time-honored Southern hospitality that makes this club attract thousands of visitors year-round.

##### A Distinctly Southern Welcome

From the moment you set foot on the property, you’re met with the warm welcoming energy that encapsulates Southern culture. At the heart of the Crow Creek Golf Club, you will find a 14,000 square foot clubhouse featuring a complete pro shop, a casual dining restaurant, and a golfer’s lounge, making it an excellent destination not just for golf aficionados, but for anyone seeking a day of relaxation.

##### An Exquisite Jerry McLure Design

Designed in 2000 by the renowned golf architect Jerry McLure, this 18-hole public golf course unfolds over rolling planes, surrounded by captivating water features and the ethereal aesthetic of the Carolina low-country.

Crow Creek has a par of 72, stretching over an impressive 7100 yards from the championship tees, while also providing options for tees from about 4800 yards for leisurely play. The course layout has been designed to challenge seasoned players with strategically placed bunkers and water hazards, while also providing novices with a fair, non-intimidating experience.

##### Superior Quality Greens

One of the defining features of Crow Creek is the exceptionally maintained L-93 Bentgrass greens – a feature appreciated by expert golfers for their predictability and smooth-rolling nature. In an excellent decision made in 2016, the course switched all greens from Bentgrass to Champion Bermuda grass. This variety of grass, copes better with the local climate, needs less water, and has a much better resistance to disease, ensuring the putting surfaces continue to offer a championship-level experience throughout the year.

##### A Challenge for All Skill Levels

What sets Crow Creek apart from many other similar-caliber courses is the thought given to the different skill levels of golfers. There are nine sets of tees that vary in distance, ensuring an accessible event for golfers of all skill levels. The versatile layout of the course, combined with the natural beauty of the landscape, creates a game that can be as challenging or as relaxed as you’d like it to be.

##### Friendly to the Local Ecosystem

Encompassed by picturesque views, Crow Creek is as much a treat for golf lovers as it is for nature lovers. Significant effort has been put into maintaining the natural habitat surrounding the course, with native trees and vegetation being carefully preserved to help maintain a balance with the local ecosystem.

##### Tournaments and Member Perks

Crow Creek Golf Club is home to various golf leagues, tournaments and events throughout the year and offers exclusive benefits for their members. These include e-specials, preferential tee times, and discounts on merchandise and at the club’s dining facility.

##### A True Golfing Paradise

Crow Creek Golf Club shines as a testament to quality golfing, wrapped in a package of Southern comfort and charm. From its carefully maintained greens to its versatile course design, Crow Creek manages to be an impressive sight for golf purist while maintaining a strong commitment to the local ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a budding enthusiast, or just someone curious about the sport, there’s something at Crow Creek Golf Club for everyone.

##### In Conclusion

There’s no doubt that Crow Creek Golf Club is a must-visit for anyone in the Myrtle Beach area. With its friendly staff, superior course design, and a commitment to providing an outstanding golf experience to players of all skill levels, it easily stands as a shining example of the very best that southern golf has to offer. Discover a unique golfing experience at Crow Creek Golf Club. The perfect ambience, breathtaking vistas, and well-maintained facilities are sure to make your golfing journey a memorable one.

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  1. birdie_king

    I had the privilege of playing at Crow Creek last year. The article doesn’t mention the wind, but that was a real challenge — added another level of excitement! Anyone else experienced this?

  2. BogieBruce

    The switch from Bentgrass to Champion Bermuda was indeed an excellent decision. Even in heavy summer, the course is in decent shape that offers a fantastic experience for golfers of all levels.

    1. ParSeeker

      Absolutely, the turf transition made a world of difference. The course is even resilient during harsh weather! Kudos to the management.

  3. TeeOffTime22

    As someone who has been fortunate enough to play a round or two at Crow Creek, I can definitely vouch for this review. The condition of the greens is superb!

    1. HoleInOne21

      Couldn’t agree more! Especially love how they switched the greens to Champion Bermuda. Makes for a smoother game, doesn’t it?

  4. Charlotte89

    Excited to give this course a try next summer, after reading your review it sounds like a must-visit golf course. Already looking forward to those Bentgrass greens.

  5. ForePlease

    As a Calabash local, I must say this write-up does my home course justice! Proud to be a Crow Creek regular. By the way, don’t forget to try the famous southern style buffet after your round!

    1. BirdieBuddy

      Thanks for the tip! I can never resist a good southern style buffet.

  6. DerekParScoreJenkins

    Hahaha, you were not kidding about this being a ‘gem’. Played a round at Crow Creek last summer, and I’m convinced there are magnets in the water hazards that are attracted to my golf balls! Course is truly a beauty though, the scenic views almost make up for the dent in my pride.

  7. GreenFairways23

    Love this deep dive into Crow Creek Golf Club. I’ve heard great things about the course conditions and the Southern hospitality. Your description of the L-93 Bentgrass greens and the switch to Champion Bermuda grass shows how dedicated the club is to preserving a high-quality golfing experience. I’m thinking about a golfing trip next summer – would you recommend visiting around June/July period?

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