Enjoying Ocean Views at Arcadian Shores Golf Club

As a local Myrtle Beach dweller and passionate golfer, I can attest that Myrtle Beach’s golf enriched culture extends well beyond its pristine beaches. While it is known for the Grand Strand of beaches and festive boardwalk, it also offers top-tier golf experiences that are sure to challenge and please golfers of all skill levels. But let’s focus for now on a specific heavenly haven for golf lovers, the Arcadian Shores Golf Club.

The Arrival: Welcome to Arcadian Shores

As you pull up to Arcadian Shores, the liveliness of Myrtle Beach seems to quiet down, and you are welcomed by the serenity and tranquility of the golf course. Nestled between a bustling beach city and protected natural wetlands, Arcadian Shores is a perfect blend of convenience and isolation. It’s not uncommon to spot wildlife like deer, ducks, and even alligators on the course, further enhancing that connection with nature that golfers celebrate.

Arcadian Shores Golf Club, situated just off the beaten path, now reemerges as a shining star, following extensive renovations and upgrades that have distinctly re-positioned the course among the best in the area.

Challenging Yet Rewarding: Par for the Course

The golf course is the brainchild of renowned architect Rees Jones. His masterful design highlights the natural landscape, which creates not just a beautiful course, but also a challenging one. Reopened in 2017, it offers 18 holes of distinctively different character, where each hole is designed to offer its distinctive challenge.

Water comes into play on most holes, making precision and wise decision-making a must. Bermuda grass fairways are deceptively wide, tempting golfers to let loose on drives but requiring careful club selection to avoid the many bunkers and lakes that lie in wait.

The Ocean Breeze: Myrtle Beach Views

One of the hallmarks of Arcadian Shores Golf Club that separates it from other golf courses is the remarkable ocean views. The bane and beauty of coastal golfing is the ocean breeze to add an extra challenge but also delivers a refreshing respite during the warmer months. It’s an exhilirating experience that can’t be replicated inland.

Renovations and Upgrades: Adding to the Green

Arcadian Shores Golf Club not only refreshed the greens and fairways during the renovation but also included a new clubhouse as part of the upgrade. The new clubhouse features a fully stocked pro shop, a modern grill room serving up classics like burgers and other pub favorites, and a comfortable lounge area where players can celebrate their victory or lick their wounds in comfort while soaking in the stunning course views.

Conclusion: A Myrtle Beach Must-Play

The quality of golf in Myrtle Beach is unrivaled, with over 100 courses to choose from, but Arcadian Shores Golf Club distinctly stands amongst them, offering a mix of peaceful surroundings, a challenging course layout, breathtaking ocean views, new facilities, and most importantly, a memorable experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer seeking a new challenge or a tourist looking to squeeze in a round between beach visits, Arcadian Shores Golf Club is an obvious choice. With its beautiful scenery, outstanding facilities, and the constant thrill of a challenging game, this course should be on the must-visit list of every golf enthusiast. If you haven’t visited Arcadian Shores yet, you’re missing out on one of Myrtle Beach’s best golfing experiences.

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  1. ex462

    Golf culture and beach life, sounds like a dream. You had me at pristine beaches and top-tier golf! Now, if only I could find a way to convince my spouse to shift our next vacation to Myrtle Beach…

    1. Golfing_Geoff

      Just pitch it to them as a beach vacation! They don’t need to know about the golf, right? 😉

  2. d8375

    This blog really makes me want to leave the office and play a round right now. I just hope my tee shots don’t find the water too often. Oh, the allure of deceptively wide fairways.

    1. BirdieBetty

      Avoid going for power; focus on accuracy and you’ll save yourself from any water hazards!

  3. Golf_Nerd

    I absolutely loved the wildlife aspect of Arcadian Shores. Spotting an alligator while navigating through the course just added a new level of excitement.

  4. GreenSlicer01

    As a regular at Arcadian Shores, I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. The renovations really did wonders for the place!

  5. Peter_GolfAddict

    Thanks for the amazing review! I’ve always been intrigued by the golf scene in Myrtle Beach, and now I’m sold on trying out Arcadian Shores Golf Club. The combination of the serene surroundings and challenging course layout sounds thrilling. Can you tell me more about the renovation? Did it make a substantial difference in terms of gameplay?

  6. HoleInOneJim

    Interesting! I’ve been meaning to visit Myrtle Beach for a while now. Maybe it’s finally time to pack my clubs and see the greens for myself. Does anyone have any other golf course recommendations around that area?

    1. LonestarLogger

      Definitely check out ‘The Dunes Golf and Beach Club.’ It’s another gem in Myrtle Beach!

  7. Sandy_Birdie

    Right on! I’ve played Arcadian Shores a couple of times, and it’s truly a beautiful course. Mostly, I love that ocean breeze. You didn’t mention it, but I laughed at the part where a gator walked across the fairway – note, they weren’t kidding about the wildlife. It added a whole new meaning to ‘hazard’! 😄

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